Thank you San Japan!

This is but a small sampling of all of the awesome commissions I got to draw at San Japan! Everyone was wonderful, and I learned all about the Magi series. ^o^ Thank you again for a great weekend and to those who stopped by to say hi!

San Japan Artist Alley!

Thanks to a twist of events (and a whim!), I will be at table C8 in the San Japan Artist Alley! I’ll be bringing old prints and new, along with a new sketchbook. I’m ready to enjoy some food. +_+ Hope to see you there this coming July 31st to August 2nd in San Antonio, Texas!

See you at Fanime Con!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who dropped by my table at Anime Detour this past weekend. I had a great time hanging out with old and new friends, and meeting everyone. When you sit at a desk without outside social interaction, conventions are a great place for me to get feedback. Commissions will be going up on my Tumblr soon!

Speaking of conventions, my only other Artist Alley convention for this year will be Fanime. Here are the details:

May 24-27
San Jose, CA

Hope to see you there!

New site and convention update!

It’s all shiny and new here! Hopefully errbody likes the new page, I’m slaving away on a “new” comic and new paintings. I feel woefully unprepared for the upcoming Anime Detour, but I hope to see old and new faces there!

What: Anime Detour
When: April 19-21
Where: Bloomington, MN