New webcomic is live!

The new webcomic, Vice & Luna, has officially begun on Anime News Network! Written by Zac Bertschy and Jacob Chapman, drawn by yours truly. New comics should be up every Tuesday!

New webcomic in the works

So…this is what I’ve been working on for some time now! I’ve been working with the amazing Zac and Jacob at Anime News Network (ANN) to created a new webcomic for their site. Read more about the comic, with art, at the official tumblr!

1001 Knights Anthology Kickstarter is live!

1001 Knights Banner
Female friendly and people positive, this is a Knight to remember! ;D I’m honored to be one of many artists part of this AMAZING anthology of great art and stories. The campaign ends February 26, don’t miss out!
1001 Knights

Thank you San Japan!

This is but a small sampling of all of the awesome commissions I got to draw at San Japan! Everyone was wonderful, and I learned all about the Magi series. ^o^ Thank you again for a great weekend and to those who stopped by to say hi!

San Japan Artist Alley!

Thanks to a twist of events (and a whim!), I will be at table C8 in the San Japan Artist Alley! I’ll be bringing old prints and new, along with a new sketchbook. I’m ready to enjoy some food. +_+ Hope to see you there this coming July 31st to August 2nd in San Antonio, Texas!